Shields Against Violence & Fashion

Agata Norek & Doris Limmer


During award ceremony “Augsburger Medienpreis 2016” Agata Norek was wearing a headwear designed by DORIS LIMMER, a German modiste. Doris was inspired by “Ram-Shield”, which raises the problem of auto-destruction and self-harm. It speaks of what is happening with violence and anger when they no longer protect us – simply turning against us and leading to self-destruction.


Shields against violence were nominated 3th place in competition of category “Inspirations”.


The fact that designers and others slowly find their inspiration in Shields affects me, despite difficult topics that are being moved. I have performed publicly wearing Doris headwear with a big satisfaction, pride but also curiosity; I did it willingly because that’s how we create new ways of bringing up social and crucial word. During prize distribution I referred to a meaning of the object I was wearing.”


Hutdesign: Doris Limmer

Photo: Stefan Mayr


Andreas Bourani & Dr. Agata Norek | Foto: Peter Fastl



A shield - ram

70×70×55 cm

spray paint, metal, epoxy resin, glass fibre, 2013



Shields Against Violence & Fashion

Agata Norek & Ramona Erb


During an appearance on Women Congress in Katowice, Agata Norek was wearing a blouse designed by RAMONA ERB, a student of Berlin Fashion Department ESMOD. Ramona Erb was inspired to create this unique wear by “SHIELD – BRAIN EROTICISM”. Both shield and blouse get back to sexuality of women touched by sexual harassment in childhood and as a result grown-up women can only openwith their sexuality to partners who pose a risk and bring pain. Only understanding this mechanism helps a woman to protect from more pain and tear herself out of destructive schema:


The blouse was sewed from beige bras from which also was created “SHIELD – BRAIN EROTICISM”.


Photos: Stefan Mayr

Fotos Women Congress: Maciej Jarzębiński


A Shield - brain eroticism

69×62×30 cm

lingerie, epoxy resin, glass fibre, 2012