CHARACTERS | March 2019


Dear readers! In CHARACTERS’ March issue you will find a bonus titled LIFE MASTERS where many influential, polish women, including Agata Norek, Ewa Błaszczyk and Magda Umer, talk about: “fate turns and every day miracles”. We kindly invite you to reading!

We want to thank dr Dorota Krzemionka for writing the nextpublication in our beloved CHARACTERS!





“Defensive Shields” – PTSD therapy


How to transform traumatic experience into a material form and give it a real shape?

How to use destructive emotions in a creative way? How to turn tragedy into triumph?


These are the questions we discussed 18th of October 2018 at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities located in Katowice, Poland.




V International Interdisciplinary Science-Educating Conference


Medical University in Katowice

June 2018


Shield “My dad loves me and would never, ever hurt me” was used as a cover for a book published on the occasion of conference and all promoted materials.


PAGES 74 - 92 


Dr Agata Norek



V International Interdisciplinary Science-Educating Conference


 Medical University in Katowice

June 2018


Next to outstanding lecturers like prof Jadwiga Jośko-Ochojska, prof Irena Krupka-Matuszczyk, PhD priest Jerzy Smoleń, PhD Andrzej Ochojski, PhD Eliza Cieślikowska, PhD Bernadeta Głębicka, dr Agata Norek talked about: „ARTrauma ® - process of art therapy in fighting fears and blokades related with trauma using shield as a symbol and building individual „Defensive Shield”.


„I want to thank prof Jadwiga Jośko-Ochojska for such wonderful invitation and honour!” Agata Norek


Prof. Jadwiga Jośko-Ochojska, Agata Norek 



 “Business Lioness”


In October 2017 a magazine “Law Business Quality” voted Agata Norek a title “Business Lioness”.The reward was voted to 15 women in Poland. Agata Norek received it for her efforts as a first chairwoman in SAV e.V. association.




Wojciech Eichelberger – the legend of polish psychology - visits

SHIELDS exhibition


3th of August 2016, StrefArt Tychy

photos: Agnieszka Rutkowska


The meeting took place in a very intimate circle of few chosen people with exhibitory and private atmosphere that Wojciech Eichelberger could feel and get to know, accompanied by 14 “Defensive shields” on 3th of October. It was a moment of agitation, deep conversations, extremely warm gestures and understanding.

In an atmosphere of mystery that Shields deserve, I’ve heard words from Mr Wojciech that no one has ever told me before.


I’m grateful for SACREDNESS, dignity, seriousness, affection and meaning of this meeting – because what I was given remains. The feeling that fills me is briefly called – GRATITUDE.


I am thankful to everybody who joined and participated this special and specific meeting. I am thankful to those who made it possible to create the whole event – Justyna Rutkowska with her cycle of valuable seminars organized by VERSO.

I’m thankful to Wojciech Eichelberger.


Wojciech Eichelberger with „Defensive Shields” catalogue


Wojciech Eichelberger with Shield-badge


Agata Norek and Wojciech Eichelberger



INTEGRATION OF LIFE – to better love, work and be


June – November 2016, Tychy

Photos: Agnieszka Rutkowska


I had a privilege to be a special guest right next to Prof. Jerzy Vetulani, Wojciech Eichelberger, Prof. Cezary Szczylik and Justyna Pronobis-Szczylik in a cycle of seminars entitled “Integration of life – to better love, work and be” organized by “VERSO – center of psychological support, therapy and education”.

Initiator of the whole target and all events was Justyna Rutkowska - she could move mountains. Conversations were being moderated by Dorota Krzemionka and Jadwiga Kozminska-Kiniorska. Fantastic guests, superior personalities, beautiful goals and implemented targets – all for the cause of better loving, working and being while living in acceptance with ourselves and not losing a harmony with outside world:


Justyna Rutkowska, PhD Agata Norek, Aleksandra Cieślik, Wojciech Eichelberger, Jadiwga Koźmińska Kiniorska, Prof. Jerzy Wetulani, Dorota Krzemionka, Alicja Plewia, Izabela Linek, Dorota Zasowska, Katarzyna Morawiec.

Wojciech Eichelberger and Agata Norek

Agnieszka Morcinietz (Shields Against Violence SAV e.V.), Prof. Jerzy Vetulani, PhD Agata Norek



INTEGRATION OF LIFE – to better love, work and be


16th of September 2016, Tychy

Photos: Agnieszka Rutkowska


A lecture “How to reforge weakness into strength and have a happy life?” – Conversation was being moderated by Dorota Krzemionka - a psychologist, Jagiellonian University lecturer, science editor of “Charaktery” (polish psychological monthly magazine), coach and Jadwiga Kozminska-Kiniorska – a psychologist, psychoonkologist and psychologist of psychoonkology, coach of PTT.






22th of September 2016 | Cracow


I was a special guest during a conference entitled “Diversity Changemakers” along with prof. Rosemarie Garland – Thomson (Emory University in Atlanta) organized by “Diversity Hub”. The conference was spared to practical solutions in managing variety in business. As a part of the conference I was leading a workshop “How to reforge weakness into creative work? – Change through art” and I attended a panel discussion with experts entitled “To pick human out in organization. What is slow management?”

I’m happy that role of art was also spotted in business and that knowledge, awareness of one’s emotions, managing stress and putting borders is communicated by art and has a chance to find use in business psychology. During the conference we were considering dilemma hidden in ascertainment “I am a human being, not a human resource” striking a conclusion that this problem will stop being a dilemma when we will become more efficient by caring of mental health, learning and respecting our own borders and sensify to others’ needs in our career life.


Dorota Cagiel (People Consulting), Malgorzata Blaszczyk (Zona Art Foundation), habilitated doctor Romane Batk (Director of Cultrue Institute WZiKS of Jagiellonian University), Sylwia Miszke (International Paper), PhD Agata Norek, PhD Anna Zaroda-Dabrowska (Diversity Hub)





Recommends seminar with AGATA NOREK


Agata about Wojciech Eichelberger’s recommendation:

Life had me beaten not once, not twice. Yet it gifts me regularly with specific honors and privileges. This time I will be wiping my eyes for a long time…

A man whom I admire and look with respect from several years. A man whom books I’ve been reading since high school. A man whom I am learning till today, who brings clear answers to many of us and sensitize on stuff of things.

Wojciech Eichelberger singled out seminar “Integration of life – to better love, work and be” organized collectively with VERSO and recommends this event. Dreams come true.

I want to thank Justyna Rutkowska for inviting me to join in the seminar which means to stand in line with such superior personalities.”



DEFENSIVE SHIELDS, 16.09.2016. StrefArt in Tychy, WOJCIECH EICHELBERGER recommends PhD of Visual Art AGATA NOREK, art-psyche-body.





3th place for “Defensive shields” in a category INSPIRATIONS


8th of July | Augsburg, Germany


Andreas Bourani, german singer and lyrics writer & Agata Norek | Photo: Peter Fastl




Bayerischer Landtag, Munich, Germany


Exhibition of “Defensive shields” in a Parliament of Munich was a part of an event “Strong women for a better world” and was opened by Landtag’s President, Ms Barbara Stamm.


Landtag’s President Barbara Stamm &Agata Norek | Photos: Valterio D´Arcangelo | klickfoto-24


PhD Agata Norek, Faten Mukarker, President Barbara Stamm, Lamya Kaddor, Judith Aßländer and Özlem Sarikaya© Bildarchiv Bayerischer Landtag, Photos: Rolf Poss 





16th of April 2016 | Katowice


During “Women of voivodship Silesia Congress” Agata Norek had presented a project of “Defensive shields” based on a form of a lecture and talked about main foundations of “Shields Against Violence (SAV)” e.V. association.

Photos: Maciej Jarzębski




During “Women of voivodship Silesia Congress”, as one of ten women, Agata Norek received a title ‘Silesia’s WOMAN OF SUCCESS’.


Photos: Maja Maciejko






20th of May 2016

Photos: Izabela Nietrzpiel


Conversation with PhD Małgorzata Tkacz-Janik about culture, art and violence during varnishing day of “Defensive shields” exhibition.


Phd Agata Norek & Małgorzata Tkacz-Janik



Agata Norek & SHIELDS photograph Stefan Mayr


Lighthouse Gallery | 10th of December 2015

Photos: Felicitas Welsch






Dear Madame,

I inform graciously that you have been nominated to award “Humanitas Woman” in a category CULTURE. Formal awards handover to laureates will follow on 30th of June 2016 during Women of Success Meeting.”

Academic Institution Humanitas

A brilliant SURPRISE! It makes it even more brilliant because unexpected! With all of our heart we are grateful for nomination!




With great honor we want to inform you that a patent office CHARRIER RAPP & LIEBAU from Augsburg supports our project DEFENSIVE SHIELDS. We are very happy for this cooperation, enhanced strength and future waiting for us!